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Launching “BitMarhaba” the first global crypto digital bank (Neobank) for MENA (Middle-East and North-Africa). BitMarhaba is a borderless solution providing trust & estate planning allowing assets to be passed on to listed heirs and engineered to be a fail-proof system (patent pending) BitMarhaba is Shariah compliant.

Supported Assets: Cryptocurrency, NFT, Fiat Multi-Currency, Stocks, Metals, etc.

We will be the first digital bank MENA to allow cryptocurrency, NFT, and all digital assets as well as traditional assets such as fiat multi-currency, stocks, metals, etc. to be transferred to listed heirs regardless of a person’s net worth despite the assets being on an active bank and trading account.

BitMarhaba is a one stop shop bank, crypto exchange, custodian, trust & estate planning coming soon to serve MENA.


Crypto Exchange


Estate Planning

“Bit” refers to bitcoin. “Marhaba” means “Hello” in Arabic and in the MENA region (The Middle-East and North-Africa). P.S. You just learned how to say “Hello” in 21 countries. Marhaba!

No, we are not limited to the MENA region. This will be the first crypto-digital bank for MENA and most importantly the first Shariah compliant crypto-digital bank in the world serving 2 billion Muslims.

We will also be launching the first Shariah compliant borderless FinTech ecosystem for global trust & estate planning solving a problem for 2 billion Muslims around the world.

No, we serve everyone. We don’t discriminate. Lots of non Muslims and expats use Shariah compliant banks in the UAE, Bahrain, and etc.

We will be the first crypto-digital bank for MENA and will be the first Shariah compliant crypto-digital bank offering its services globally.

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